DME 8 Dutchman Explorer 80


Quality without compromise...

The perfect exterior has a solid and distinctive design, focusing on both luxury and performance; timeless, long-lasting design with an air of power and an eye for detail. Quality without compromise, built using the finest and strongest materials available, Sturiër yachts are seaworthy and more than well-equipped for long voyages throughout Europe and beyond.


The perfect interior makes optimal use of as much space as possible; floors are kept on one level wherever possible; a refined, innovative, practical, and thorough design which offers comfort and safety even on high seas. Modern and robust, crafted from beautiful, durable, and timeless materials. Sturiër interiors are a showcase for the very best.

Sturier DME 8 Dutchman Explorer 80 Hull



The round bilge design results in a fast underwater hull: seaworthy with a higher speed and lower fuel consumption. The interior boasts large windows in all quarters, filling the lower deck with daylight. The innovative Dutchman has beautiful, multi functional living quarters with enormous lounge sofas, sliding glass doors, and lots of safe and comfortable level floors.

The interior

The interior is custom-made in our in-house joinery; Sturiër Yachts works top notch with teak, Corian and other high-quality materials. The interior parts are then mounted in the ship by our craftsmen. The interior now starts to take shape…

Highest quality

Besides being attractive to look at, upholstery on board has to be sturdy, hard-wearing and easy to clean. Therefore Sturiër Yachts works with top Dutch upholsterers and use only the best materials and leathers.

Sea-going Sturiërs need to have maximum protection against sea water: all stainless steel elements on deck are of the highest quality and are installed by stainless steel specialists.



DME 8 DME 8 Dutchman Explorer 80

Hundred years of excellence...

    Excellence through perseverance: that has defined our shipyard for one hundred years. For a century now, Volharding Staveren Shipyard has succeeded in passing on its best from generation to generation, embracing new techniques once they have proved themselves. This provides the best results in ship and yacht building.


Perseverance also requires thinking ahead. Auke van der Werff demonstrated this in 1918, when he started using steel construction for wooden ships at the shipyard, and again in the ’50s, when he attracted new customers by building pleasure yachts. His grandson, Auke van der Werff continued the art, making Valharding Staveren Shipyard an internationally renowned shipyard.




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Featuring sophisticated hull designs calculated to optimise stability curves and roll periods, Sturiërs offer the highest achievable level of seaworthiness while maintaining every comfort. The smart designs are guaranteed to make your sea voyages enjoyable, and are well-prepared to handle unexpected rough conditions.