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We are enjoying what we do. We love the sea, ocean, water. There are a lot of yachts in the USA, a lot of different brands. But what makes them unique, different from each other? There are unknown brands that can bring much more to this market.  We will help you to pick a dream yacht that accommodates you. That is why we are spending more time traveling to the lead shipyard countries, meeting with their engineers and designers. Researching what is so special about them. 

"PAC Yachts World, L.L.C." established in Florida, USA in 2019. Young but fast growing company. Our team has more than 10 years of experience at marketing and selling yachts in the Europe and Russia. Also currently developing and managing marinas.

Greetings everyone my name is...

Alexander P.

Owner/Manager of "PAC Yachts World LLC".

Over 10 years of experience. Currently running and developed a Yacht Club/Marina.

Sergejs B.

Executive Manager/Marketing Manager of

"PAC Yachts World LLC".

Over 15 years of experience in marketing, graphic design, exhibition presentation.



Owner, Engineer and Designer of the Monachus Yachts

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