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Boat Show Participation 

Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019

We presented two boats at the show. Hermes Speedster was on the podium and get a lot of attention. Retro Style was very familiar to visitors. Everyone recognized it was a Porsche 356. Everyone called it James Bond. We was a finalists of "Best at Show" Award. As well, we had Monachus Issa on the water by all lobster yachts.

St. Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show 2019

Monachus Issa 45 got a lot of attention at the show. Guests and other exhibitors really liked our product. European lines and style were unusual and unique to them. Our signature color attracted their sight. Natural teak is inside out.​ "Walk the plank, arghhh!" - first impression when the kids or even some of the adults saw the gangway. The option to fully customize the boat and the lead time impressed the visitors. 

New York City Progressive Boat Show 2020

It was an amazing trip and a great experience. We have attended Progressive Boat Show in New York City. Love the energy. Everything was so perfectly organized. NYC Progressive Boat Show is over. We experienced so much fun there, different experience, three news channel interviews, newspaper interview. Even the governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo got a few pictures with the boat we have presented.  Stay tune for our own video.Met new people, new potential prospects. Definitely "PAC Yachts World" will attend again the Boat Show in 2021 with more and new products.  Stay tuned for more information and photos.

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